Re: [guadec-list] Re: LOGO CONTEST???

The poll has nothing to do with Drupal, you don't need to register again
in the site.

I've added your gmail address to the poll system, you will be able to
vote now.

Please, can you send me the error messages you get/got by email? Just to
forward them to the developers of the voting system so they can improve
the tool.

There was an option to use a ballot random number instead of the email
address, I decided not to make things complicate and use the email
address but... you never know.

Thanks for your patience, please understand that we are trying some
stuff for the first time, so beta bugs like this may happen. Nothing
that has no solution though, you still have +24h to vote.

En/na David Neary ha escrit:
> Hi Farzaneh,

Quim Gil -

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