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Davyd Madeley wrote:
I have asked before why we don't set up a machine running a SIP server (ie.
Asterisk) for handling conference calling. It would be rad to have a machine that anyone with a LDAP account would be able to log into via
SIP to place calls to other developers or participate in conference calls.

Funny you should mention that... Christian Schaller set one up for the board a couple of months back. It hasn't gotten much of a run-out yet, because some of us (/me hides) don't have the equipment for it. I priced a headset for my mac mini (USB, no guarantee that it'll work with Ubuntu) at €80, which is a bit outside the IT budget at the moment.

But now might be the time to start.

Given the relative expense of conference calling. The Foundation could probably
get some hardware SIP phones sponsored (apparently the simple ones are
practically worthless) for board members and such, so that they don't have to
use a softphone and headphones (unless of course, they want to).

Any chance you could get us a quote?

I agree moving to voip is a logical step - the only issue so far has been cellphone calls (we've typically had 1 or 2 people on every board call on a cellphone) and people like me who don't have the equipment for softphones.


David Neary
bolsh gimp org

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