Re: [guadec-list] Call for papers Howto

En/na Dave Neary ha escrit:

> You decide, as head of the GUADEC planning committee.

Well, in this case we need to make sure that something like a GUADEC
planning committee actually exists.  ;)

The two GUADEC lists are the place to discuss and make decisions so,
yes, if something like the three tracks proposed doesn't get opposition
here we will approve it.

I'm just a bit concerned about proposals being unnoticed today and then
reopen in the near future when they get noticed more publicly. The
solution for this will be Planet GNOME by now and the GUADEC site once
we have it (I'm going to ping Jeff).

> I can draft a call for papers, and ask you for comments. How does that
> work for you?

This works perfect if the "you" is used in the plural form.  :)

Quim Gil |

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