Re: Where to hold it? (was: Re: GU4DEC - Let's start the discussionnow.)

> Windows is also "popular", does this imply it is "good"? :-)

windows is allround has some glitches but thats it (only big
problem with it is that it is made/bought by MS). 
The same goes with the beer....Tuborg and Carlsberg pilsner is good beer
compared to most other pilsner beers (only some of the easterneurope
countries has better beer)....American beer isn't even beer....Budweiser
is pisswater compared to even the worst European beer.. 

Kim Schulz (beer entusiast and beer lover)

--  - En nÝrds bekendelser  | "You know, of course, that - tapas, beer and gnome | the Tasmanians, who never
                                       | committed adultery, are now

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