Re: Missing #include from pixbufanimationiter.h ?

On 02/07/2015 20:21, Kjell Ahlstedt wrote:
I have pushed a commit to gtkmm, branch gtkmm-2-24. That commit adds some #includes which should make if possible to use newer versions of gmmproc/glibmm. But glibmm 2.44.0 is probably the newest one that can be used. Now there's probably no need for you to use an older glibmm.

That's great work Kjell, thanks!

Just a heads-up...  when building gtkmm (2.24) I see this error from gmmproc (it's probably always been there but I just never noticed it before):-

      entrycompletion.hg:221: End of gmmproc directive within a quoted string.

The relevant line looks like this:-

      _WRAP_PROPERTY("text_column, int)

Is there maybe a missing end-quote after "text_column  ??

I spotted the problem while building my gtkmm-2-24 branch.  It seems to be okay in master.  Regards,


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