Re: Missing #include from pixbufanimationiter.h ?

On 01/07/2015 14:28, Kjell Ahlstedt wrote:
Which version do you use? gtkmm 2.24.3? Don't! Use 2.24.2 or 2.24.4. gtkmm 2.24.3 is the mess that Murray mentions. See, if you're very interested.

Hi Kjell,

Currently I'm building  2.24.4.

Code for gtkmm 2 must be generated with an old version of gmmproc (i.e. glibmm) that includes glibmm.h in all generated header files. Gtkmm 2.24.3 was generated with a newer gmmproc, which does not include glibmm.h.

Interesting...  AFAICT all generated source files (".cc" files) seem to be #including glibmm.h - but the only header files which include it are:-


Needless to say, 'gdkmm/pixbufanimationiter.h' doesn't #include either of them.


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