Re: Can't locate object method "add_actions"...

On 23.06.2012 22:01, Dave M wrote:
The attached tarball contains a diff from Gtk3 (v6), and a Gtk3 (v6)
with the changes.

Committed with minor modifications. Thanks again for pursuing this to completion!
Great!  Once you feel happy with the code, we can also merge this into Gtk3.
Maybe I'll start another thread on this.  Right now, they're written
to run stand-alone and to require little modification to be plugged
into a "" as was before. We can either have $someone try to
update, or these can be lumped in an "examples" directory or
something.  I'd like to know how folks would like to proceed.

I don't mind, really. The overview that the program provides is nice. But since it lacks the ability to edit and re-run the example code, it's not that much more useful than separate stand-alone programs.

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