Re: Can't locate object method "add_actions"...

Hi again (and thanks for your patience!),
I think this has all been corrected now.

Yep, mostly. ÂI still see some stray tabs, though. ÂThey jump out if your
tab width is different from 4. Âs/\t/ Â Â/g should do the trick.

OK, this time I did a regex search for \t to ensure they're gone. :)

OK. ÂBut the translate_string calls are now done only if the strings
evaluate to true. ÂI think it is better to check only whether they are

Good catch - fixed to check for defined-ness instead of truth-iness.

OK. ÂRelatedly, in your new $process anon-subs, you have:

 Âmy (@properties) = @_;
 Âmy ($name, $stock_id, $label, $accelerator, $tooltip, $callback);
 Âfor my $p (@properties) {

This is confusing because they are only passed one entry at a time. Better

 Âmy ($p) = @_;
 Âmy ($name, $stock_id, $label, $accelerator, $tooltip, $callback);


â The example program is very good to have, but it would also be good to
have unit tests for the three overrides.

I updated the original test, but not by much. ÂI didn't see the point
in changing anything because the specs don't seem to differ from 2 ->
3. Again, I have limited experience in writing tests, so I might need
some help with that.

The test looks fine.

I've included a diff, an updated test file, and the as
well. ÂI'm open to additional feedback.

One final request: please put your additions to into their correct
position according to the sorting used. ÂThat is, the
'Gtk3::ActionGroup::list_actions' should move to the top of
@_GTK_FLATTEN_ARRAY_REF_RETURN_FOR, and the subs should move above the sub


The attached tarball contains a diff from Gtk3 (v6), and a Gtk3 (v6)
with the changes.

Also, and semi-offtopic, I have begun creating updated versions of
gtk2-demo examples here:

Great! ÂOnce you feel happy with the code, we can also merge this into Gtk3.

Maybe I'll start another thread on this.  Right now, they're written
to run stand-alone and to require little modification to be plugged
into a "" as was before. We can either have $someone try to
update, or these can be lumped in an "examples" directory or
something.  I'd like to know how folks would like to proceed.

Dave M

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