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On Mon, Jun 11, 2012 at 7:11 PM, Dave M <dave nerd gmail com> wrote:

â Please adapt to the style of the surrounding code. ÂIn this case this
means indentation with two spaces (not tabs) and slightly different spacing
around parens.
I think this has all been corrected now.

On to the actual meat. ÂIn general: looking good already! ÂSome comments:

â The XS code allowed the entries to be either array or hash references. ÂIt
would be nice to preserve this.
While this version does check that $entries is an arrayref, it does
treat its entries as an array or hash.  Is that what was meant?  The example (included) adds an array of hashes example which

â The code

Âif( ! $user_data ) {
 Â$action->signal_connect( 'activate', $callback );
Â} else {
 Â$action->signal_connect( 'activate', $callback, $user_data );

should simply be

Â$action->signal_connect( 'activate', $callback, $user_data );

Even if the user data evaluates to false, it should still be passed to the
callback. Â(And signal_connect handles undef for the user data just fine.)

â Good idea to use add_action_with_accel to save code!

â Gtk3::ActionGroup::add_actions doesn't seem to translate the label and the

â Ah, now I see what you meant by "hyper mode" above. ÂThe problem is that
you connect to $first_action's changed signal anew each time the loop is
run. ÂThe code block should be moved outside the loop.
Fixed. My vision must be failing. :)

â The example program is very good to have, but it would also be good to
have unit tests for the three overrides.
I updated the original test, but not by much.  I didn't see the point
in changing anything because the specs don't seem to differ from 2 ->
3. Again, I have limited experience in writing tests, so I might need
some help with that.

I've included a diff, an updated test file, and the as
well.  I'm open to additional feedback.

Also, and semi-offtopic, I have begun creating updated versions of
gtk2-demo examples here:
All the good usernames were taken.
Mostly this is for my own practice, but if anyone else wants to play
along or if these can be used in a future Perl gtk3-demo, that's great
too.  These are the ones I've been able to make work... I've been
unable to get some of them to successfully go... still working on them
- pulled out lots of hair trying to make StatusIcon work, for

Dave M

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