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Thanks again! It worked like magic. I'm not sure if I was supposed to get a bunch of dot cpio files in cache/extracted/ folder. I have 7-zip 9.20. Anyway I selected all of them and did "7-zip -> extract here" from explorer. However when I try to run demo I get the following message.


Gtk:ERROR:gtksettings.c:558:gtk_settings_class_init: assertion failed: (result == PROP_ALTERNATIVE_BUTTON_ORDER)

This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.
Please contact the application's support team for more information.


Is there something missing, or is it a known issue? It doesn't matter if I change gtk-alternative-button-order to 1 or 0 in gtkrc of MS-Windows theme.


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2011/3/24 Mikhail Titov <mlt gmx us>:
> Maarten:
> Yes, if you have this script available it would be wonderful.

> The only shortcoming of these binaries from OpenSUSE that they lack dot lib files for MS linker and don't have property sheets that make life easier in Visual Studio IDE. Though both problems are doable as dot lib files can be generated and all properties can be set semi-manually with pkg-conf.

Is there any way those files can be generated automatically when cross-compiling? (I've no experiece whatsoever with MSVC) If they can, it would be worth adding the right commands to the specfile of the rpm package.

> I'm not sure what is the overall goal for GTK+ for non-linux platform. 
> Shall it be buildable under MS Windows or cross-compilation is the 
> only planned strategy? In former case, I guess it makes sense to debug 
> build process as I had all ./configure prerequisites satisfied. Though 
> I feel like I'm on my own under MS Windows :-)

Yeah, that is a bit unclear. I think the situation is even worse and that it is not entirely clear whether windows is supported at all.
(Well, obviously it is ported and supported to some degree, but there seem to be some pieces missing. I know, I know, patches welcome ;-)

> Unfortunately cross-compiling my entire project is not an option for me as base classes for DirectShow from Platform SDK that I use have a lot of MS specific code and I failed to build it even with MinGW. So I really hope that an opportunity to use MS compiler and linker out-of-box (like gtkmm 2) will be preserved.
> Mikhail


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