Re: Gtk+ 3.0 and MS Windows

2011/3/23 Mikhail Titov <mlt gmx us>:
> Maarten:
> Thanks for your quick reply! Good to know that Gtk+ 3 is buildable for win32 according to your OpenSUSE link. I don't have OpenSUSE though, but I'll give cross-compiler a try under Ubuntu.

The point of the buildservice is to automate the build (in this case
cross-compiling) of packages. It is not opensuse specific, other than
that the project evolved out of opensuse and the virtual machines
building the windows binaries run various opensuse/SLES versions.

You can find download packages here:
On windows extracting the DLLs from the .rpm is probably easiest done with 7zip.

I usually cross-compile on Ubuntu when hacking/bugfixing on
gtk/cairo/etc. This is quite easy as you can make install right into a
smb mount to directly test on Windows. And I use the buildservice
distribute up-to-date binaries and headers to compile my application.


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