RE: Gtk+ 3.0 and MS Windows


I tried gtk+ 3.0.4. All most recent dependencies I got in a binary form somewhere from gnome ftp. You may be right as I did only `make distclean` and reran ./configure when I stuck with previous problems with generating enums headers. Though I did remove timestamp files manually. I'm not sure if `make distclean` was enough. I'll try a clean MinGW as well as I feel like I have a bit outdated environment anyway.

I want to give a try to OpenSUSE binaries before continuing attempts to build on my own:-)


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Hi Mikhail,

Can I know which version of GTK+ are you using?  You may want to try building from a clean source tree that is not touched by MinGW/MSYS (i.e. 
extract from the release tarball, and build from it directly with VS).

I was able to build up to 3.0.4 without problems, and it seems 3.0.5 did not change that much to cause any problems of that sort (I didn't have time to build 3.0.5 yet)

God Bless,
-Fan, Chun-wei

--- 11/3/25 (五),Mikhail Titov 寫道:

> Fan:
> If I try to use experimental MS VC++ solution/projects,
> gdk-win32 dll gets built correctly. However when I try to build gdk 
> project I get errors like following:
1>gdk.def : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol 
1>gdk_axis_use_get_type gdk.def : error LNK2001: unresolved external 
1>symbol gdk_byte_order_get_type


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