Re: Gtk+ 3.0 and MS Windows

It's NOT difficult to Make Gtk+ 3.0 under Mingw with Gcc-4.5. But now, it's not worked good enought.
I don't known what you need, may be this method can help you:

1. fetch dependance packages on
    * gtk+-bundle_2.22.1-20101227_   => unzip to d:/gtk/
    *  => unzip to d:/gtk, replace old one
    *  => unzip to d:/gtk, replace old one

2. fetch all source packages on
    * fetch new ATK src( I use atk-1.33.6 ) => unzip to d:/gtk/src/atk-1.33.6/
    * fetch new Gtk src( I use gtk+3.0.4 ) => unzip to d:/gtk/src/gtk+-3.0.4/

3. compile ATK & GTK
   * fix pkg-config BUG on win32, only generate an script file:
if pkg-config "$@" > /dev/null 2>&1 ; then
pkg-config "$@" | tr -d \\r && $res

    * run msys.bat and set PATH
> export PKG_CONFIG=/the/path/you/generated/
> export PATH=$PATH:/d/gtk/bin
> cd /d/gtk/src/atk-1.33.6
> ./configure --prefix=/d/gtk
> make
> make install
> cd /d/gtk/src/gtk+-3.0.4
> ./configure --prefix=/d/gtk --enable-static=no --enable-shared=yes
> make
> make install

4. run gtk3-demo.exe
    lots of BUGS not fixed.

2011/3/25 <jcupitt gmail com>
On 24 March 2011 21:04, John Stowers <john stowers lists gmail com> wrote:
> On Thu, 2011-03-24 at 10:01 +0100, Maarten Bosmans wrote:
>> If you like, I have a python script (that works on both Linux and
>> Windows) that downloads a package with all dependencies and extracts
>> the binaries. Combined with the OBS automatically building the latest
>> packages, it makes keeping your Windows program up to date quite easy.
> I would be interested in that script please.

I use jhbuild for this. You write a simple bit of xml saying what
packages your project depends on and it will download, patch,
configure, compile and install them for you automatically. I use it on
linux to cross-compile win32 applications, but I imagine it would work
on Windows as well, though very slowly.

I have the files for my project, plus a README, here:

There's an nsis thing that will automatically build a setup.exe as well.

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