RE: Gtk+ 3.0 and MS Windows

Hi Mikhail,

You may want to try the VS2008 Project files in the $(srcroot)/build
/win32/vs9 folder, and VS2010 project files for gtk+-3.0.x are now under 
review for inclusion (the same holds for GLib 2.28.x and GTK+-2.24.x).

AFAIK, due to different release cycles, VS Project files are not yet in 
GDK-Pixbuf, ATK and Pango stable releases, but they are available in the 
latest unstable versions of GDK-Pixbuf and ATK, and is already upstream 
for Pango.  For GDK-Pixbuf 2.23.2, you may want to get a patch from 
BugZilla so that it will compile (sorry, search for my e-mail in BugZilla 
for a bug regarding GDK-Pixbuf-I can't recall the bug number as BugZilla 
is currently down), as under VS, all image loaders are built into the main 
library DLL.  The VS9 Project files are all in $(srcroot)/build/win32/vs9 
for those respective packages-be sure to see the README.txt's in that 
folder for each package, especially regarding gettext-runtime, which can 
be hard to build yourself under VS.

God Bless,
-Fan, Chun-wei

--- 11/3/25 (五),Mikhail Titov 寫道:

> 日期: 2011年3月25日,五,上午6:08
> Maarten:
> Yes, if you have this script available it would be
> wonderful. The only shortcoming of these binaries from
> OpenSUSE that they lack dot lib files for MS linker and
> don't have property sheets that make life easier in Visual
> Studio IDE. Though both problems are doable as dot lib files
> can be generated and all properties can be set semi-manually
> with pkg-conf.
> I'm not sure what is the overall goal for GTK+ for
> non-linux platform. Shall it be buildable under MS Windows
> or cross-compilation is the only planned strategy? In former
> case, I guess it makes sense to debug build process as I had
> all ./configure prerequisites satisfied. Though I feel like
> I'm on my own under MS Windows :-)
> Unfortunately cross-compiling my entire project is not an
> option for me as base classes for DirectShow from Platform
> SDK that I use have a lot of MS specific code and I failed
> to build it even with MinGW. So I really hope that an
> opportunity to use MS compiler and linker out-of-box (like
> gtkmm 2) will be preserved.
> Mikhail

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