Re: Font priorities

At 07:27 PM 2/4/2003, Stefan Baums wrote:
Yes!  Thank you very much.  Removing the FreeFont and ClearlyU fonts
fixed the problem as far as Devanagari is concerned.  (Arabic is still
broken, but then I probably shouldn't complain, since I don't have an
Arabic OpenType font installed.  On the other hand, I guess Pango
_could_ assemble the Arabic from presentation forms in the fonts
available... but I'm not really Arabic.)

The way I handle this in the ICU LayoutEngine is with a canned GSUB table built from the Unicode character database. This canned table uses the Unicode points instead of glyph IDs, so the initial character to glyph mapping just copies the character codes. There needs to be a *real* character to glyph mapping done after GSUB processing. I also had to modify the GSUB processing to take an optional filter so that a ligature substitution is only processed if the font actually contains a character for the particular presentation form.

Many thanks,


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