Re: Font priorities

On Tuesday,  4 February 2003, Owen Taylor wrote:

>  1) A list of what fonts map to what aliases for fallback purposes
>     (Substitute Times Roman with Serif) (<alias> ... <default>..)
>  2) The configuration of the aliases (<alias> ... <prefer> ...)
> I suspect you are changing 1) rather than 2).

I may have been doing that, but changing 2) doesn't help either - I
tried it in /etc/fonts.conf as well as in ~/.fonts.conf, with Raghindi
at the top as well as at the bottom of the list.

I also started X from a clean account, without any user configuration
at all apart from the fontconfig one, and the problem was the same -
so it's not a problem of forgotten old configuration files, unless
they live in /etc.  But I checked that too.  I do still have an
/etc/X11/XftConfig file, but it looks quite innocuous.  (Is the
pangox.aliases file still used or needed in the new fontconfig Pango?
I had one lying around in /etc/pango/, but deleting it didn't change
anything either.)

I have uploaded the Raghindi font as well as the relevant
configuration files to my website, so you can have a look at them if
you like...  They are at

I've pretty much run out of ideas now.  The last desperate measure
would be to force-uninstall the Debian packages and recompile
fontconfig, pango, GTK+ et al. from source.  But before I do that it
would be nice to get some quick feedback on whether you experience the
same problem or not (using raghu.ttf or an equivalent font).

Many thanks,

PS.  I also tried using the Microsoft Mangal font instead of Raghindi,
but the situation was just the same.

Stefan Baums
Asian Languages and Literature
University of Washington

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