Re: Font priorities

On Tuesday,  4 February 2003, Owen Taylor wrote:

> I've been somewhat unable to convince Keith there actually is
> a problem here, though I consider this a fairly major flaw
> of the fontconfig scheme.

Yes, seconded.

> You might simply want to consider removing FreeSans and ClearlyU
> entirely from your system (or put at least from the directories
> specified in fonts.conf)

Yes!  Thank you very much.  Removing the FreeFont and ClearlyU fonts
fixed the problem as far as Devanagari is concerned.  (Arabic is still
broken, but then I probably shouldn't complain, since I don't have an
Arabic OpenType font installed.  On the other hand, I guess Pango
_could_ assemble the Arabic from presentation forms in the fonts
available... but I'm not really Arabic.)

> Alternatively, it's possible to work around the problem by
> specifying the alias with a <match> element and a strong 
> binding. I don't remember the syntax for this offhand, but
> studying the fontconfig manual page may help.

I would really have preferred doing it via this configuration file
mechanism, but reading the manpage failed to enlighten me on the usage
of <match>.  Should you remember how to do this, please let me know.

Also, let's convince Keith to fix fontconfig.

Many thanks,

Stefan Baums
Asian Languages and Literature
University of Washington

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