Re: Font priorities

On Tue, 2003-02-04 at 20:13, Stefan Baums wrote:
> On Tuesday,  4 February 2003, Owen Taylor wrote:
> >  1) A list of what fonts map to what aliases for fallback purposes
> >     (Substitute Times Roman with Serif) (<alias> ... <default>..)
> > 
> >  2) The configuration of the aliases (<alias> ... <prefer> ...)
> > 
> > I suspect you are changing 1) rather than 2).
> I may have been doing that, but changing 2) doesn't help either - I
> tried it in /etc/fonts.conf as well as in ~/.fonts.conf, with Raghindi
> at the top as well as at the bottom of the list.

Ah .. fooling around with it on my system, I know what your problem
is now, really.

Your problem is:

The thing is, fontconfig, when deciding between Raghindi and
FreeSans for Hindi, says: FreeSans covers the current language, 
English, and Raghindi doesn't, lets' use FreeSans, even though
Raghindi is part of the Sans alias, and FreeSans isn't.

I've been somewhat unable to convince Keith there actually is
a problem here, though I consider this a fairly major flaw
of the fontconfig scheme.
You might simply want to consider removing FreeSans and ClearlyU
entirely from your system (or put at least from the directories
specified in fonts.conf)

Alternatively, it's possible to work around the problem by
specifying the alias with a <match> element and a strong 
binding. I don't remember the syntax for this offhand, but
studying the fontconfig manual page may help.


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