Re: Font priorities

Dear list members,

thank you very much for your suggestions.

> You should make sure Raghindi has a higher precedence than any other
> fonts with the Devanagari characters. I think one way to do this is
> to put it at the top of the list of preferred fonts for a particular
> alias

I did that, and it makes no difference.  Raghindi is never used as
part of "Sans," whether it is at the begining of the list or the end.
Which one is supposed to be the position of highest priority in the
list: beginning or end?

> It rather looks like you probably aren't using Xft2/fontconfig at
> all, but rather the old X backend. Pango probably didn't correctly
> locate Xft2 for one reason or another when it built.

My Pango is using fontconfig/Xft, witness the new screenshot, see
below.  I am using the binary packages from Debian unstable.

>  OhOh. Seeing the screenshot it seems pango is not using the Xft
> modules ( text is not antialiased ).  Try running app with

Pango is using Xft, see above and below.  The reason my fonts <= 12pt
are not antialiased is because I don't want them to.  I tried
switching AA off in the gnome control center, which didn't work, so I

       <match target="pattern">
           <test qual="any" name="size" compare="less_eq"><int>12</int></test>
           <edit name="antialias" mode="assign"><bool>false</bool></edit>

in my ~/.fonts.conf.  I tried setting and unsetting GDK_USE_XFT, and
it didn't make a difference for anything.

I am pretty sure that this _is_ in fact a fontset problem.  Please
have a look at the new screenshot of gedit that I put up on

It shows the problem under discussion in the Open File dialogue, while
at the same time displaying Devanagari just fine in the main editor
window using Raghindi (which I set as the text font in the gedit
preferences).  The main window text is even antialiased, because it's
larger than 12pt (see my ~/.fonts.conf setting above).


Stefan Baums
Asian Languages and Literature
University of Washington

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