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  • Re: Exposing cairo based implementation of CSS as an API in GTK+/gtkmm, Emmanuele Bassi
  • Moving thumbnailing code, Bastien Nocera
  • gtk 2 problem with Gramps in Linux Mint 18 (beta) and ubuntu 16.04, Enno Borgsteede
  • gtk/quartz default font woe, and gtk-font-name, Hin-Tak Leung
  • Gtk+4.0, Peter Weber
  • [PATCH 1/6] tests: Use built modules instead of installed ones, Ingo Brückl
  • [PATCH 2/6] tests: Grant timer some time to run, Ingo Brückl
  • [PATCH 6/6] tests: Don't run tests requiring DBUS unconditionally, Ingo Brückl
  • [PATCH 5/6] tests: Fix network-address test, Ingo Brückl
  • [PATCH 4/6] tests: Continue iochannel test if iconv isn't supporting EUC-JP, Ingo Brückl
  • Test suite problems, Ingo Brückl
  • [PATCH 3/6] tests: Avoid rounding errors with double precision variables, Ingo Brückl
  • Adding libmount-based implementation in gio/gunixmounts.c, Mario Sanchez Prada
  • Developing a new text editor widget?, Sébastien Wilmet
  • Trying to compile GTK+ broadway under Native Client SDK, Sebastian Silva
  • g_spawn_async_with_pipes is not thread safe, Andrejs Hanins
  • gtkdoc-scan make interfaces public, Joël Krähemann

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