Re: Developing a new text editor widget?

On 05.06.2016 22:33, Christian Hergert wrote:
On 06/05/2016 10:35 AM, S├ębastien Wilmet wrote:
For source code, GtkTextView is really not that bad IMHO. Normally
source code doesn't trigger the very long line problem (and even, this
problem in GtkTextView is fixable by internal refactorings, although
nobody tried recently AFAIK). And source code is contained only in very
small files, it is not a problem to load e.g. 20k lines in memory.

There are a few things that it is really bad at.

You have to scan linearly from O..n to determine line height. There are
all sorts of hacks to do this upfront in high-priority idles. It's why I
still can't open a file, and scroll to a line number like 1000 correctly
without retrying a bunch of times.

If we could sacrifice 100% correct scrollbar correctness (really, its
not that big of a deal) we could avoid this problem. Just estimate by
byte offset the Y position, and make calculated offsets in the Y
position b-tree/treap/index relative to it's parent node.

That could be an interesting feature. Places with dense code (many
characters, compared to the number of '\n's) will take longer to scroll
through (if each PageDown scrolls N bytes).

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