Re: GTK+ brochure for FOSDEM

On Sat, Jan 24, 2015 at 9:40 AM, Sébastien Wilmet <swilmet gnome org> wrote:

To come back to GLib/GTK+, what would you explain about GTK+ that is not
explained in the brochure?  Maybe single-instance applications, the
recent OpenGL support, some of the important widgets (but this latter
thing, GNOME users already know what is possible with GTK+ since they
use daily GTK+ apps).

GTK3's CSS styling feature is a huge draw for many developers. Being able to take an understanding of themeing based on web development and apply it to native applications is really a very very nice feature. I would have talked at greater length about that rather than GObject, since many developers using any language binding stand to benefit from CSS themeing, versus the few who might one day use a little bit of GObject.

I would cite some of the more unique widgets in GTK also, especially the newer ones that might not be known by people familiar only with GTK1 and GTK2.

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