Re: GTK+ brochure for FOSDEM

On Fri, Jan 23, 2015 at 09:27:37AM -0800, Jasper St. Pierre wrote:
The learning path for writing a GTK+ application should be: GLib ->
GObject (at least the basis) -> a bit of GIO -> and finally GTK+. All
GTK+ widgets are GObject classes! we cannot ignore GObject… For me it's
important to explain what it is, at least briefly.

I disagree. The learning path for writing a GTK+ app should start with GTK+
and let them venture into the utility libraries of GLib and Gio when they
need to. No need to start with "here's the library that seemingly reinvents
all of C99 because people sometimes still use SunCC in TYOOL 2015".

It's all the debate between the bottom-up and top-down approaches. Maybe
a good compromise is a mix between the two, because it's more fun to
show a window with three buttons than learning how to create a signal.
But sooner or later a developer needs to know GLib and GObject.

For a potential book about GTK+, there can be a short chapter on GLib to
learn the basis, then an introduction to GTK+ with some basic
explanations on how to _use_ a GObject class, then a chapter to know how
to _write_ GObject classes. For what it's worth it was roughly the path
chosen in GGAD.


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