Re: Fwd: Plans for GTK+ Bundles for win32 and =?UTF-8?Q?win=36=34=3F?=

On Fri, 9 Sep 2011 10:08:32 +0100, Sam Thursfield wrote:
On Thu, Sep 8, 2011 at 6:53 PM, Dieter Verfaillie
<dieterv optionexplicit be> wrote:
On Thu, 8 Sep 2011 14:18:41 +0100, Sam Thursfield wrote:
Maybe it would be a good idea to stop insisting our
beloved GNOME platform should only have 1 blessed set
of binaries for Windows altogether and embrace the
diversity that has been created. All these options
are there for a reason. All of them. At the end of
the day, Free Software development and GNOME are all
about choice, right?

I agree with you here - and I haven't seen anyone insisting otherwise,
it's more a case of time to make it happen. Qt for example provides a
separate SDK for MSVC and for mingw. A specific MSVC version could be
targetted to allow use of the MSVCRT9.DLL. Although more effort is
needed to do this, it seems to be available, and it's probably a good
thing not to have the MSVC import libs generated by an uninterested
mingw developer or vice versa.

Indeed :)

What do you think? Can we try and collaborate on such a
text on and/or windows-devel-list or something?

I guess windows-devel-list is a good place :) My personal view is that
your list is daunting for a basic "how to use Gtk+" page - we should
just suggest mingw and MSVC.

Yeah, probably better to point people to a basic overview and link
to an "advanced" list like above from there.

For more advanced systems like Cygwin we
don't need to provide binaries (Gtk+ should be available in their
package repositories) so the most we really need to do is point users
towards them.



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