Re: Plans for GTK+ Bundles for win32 and win64?

    >> If MinGW can't use standard microsoft import libraries that (from my
    >> perspective) is Someone Else's Problem.

    Krzysztof> If you have the DLL, you can generate the MinGW-compatible import
    Krzysztof> library using the pexports and dlltool utilities. I'm not sure if
    Krzysztof> i works with all DLLs, but it definitely does with the ones in
    Krzysztof> the binary Windows bundle.

    I am cross-compiling windows gtk-applications and I would 
    be interested by the opposite task. I have a .ddl (or a .dll + dll.a)
    generated by cross-compilation and I would like to produce an 
    import .lib file without having to use VC i.e from Linux. 
    Does anyone know if such a tool exists ? 

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