Re: GTK and OSX: a call to sanity

John Ralls wrote:

> Not moduleset, modulesets. Three sets of 9 modulesets. Also 36
> patches, some of which are obsolete and could be deleted (and a
> bunch more that could become obsolete if they were approved for
> committing to Gtk), a customized jhbuildrc and several examples for
> further customization. Yes, it could be integrated into the jhbuild
> repo, but it would take some discussion with the jhbuild maintainers
> to work out how to lay it out.

I don't think JHBuild should be a repository for modulesets, those are
better maintained next to their respective projects (be it gtk-osx, or
spice, or sugar, etc.). JHBuild has support for remote modulesets, and
remote patches, so I don't think this is a problem.


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