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On Thu, 08 Sep 2011 08:34:41 +0200, Anders Broman wrote:

Hi, Has the provision of binary bundles for Windows 32 bit and 64 bit been

Yes, Tor (maintainer of the Windows binaries and GTK+ bundle) has
stepped down some time ago:

If so it would be nice if that was indicated on the download page. In the Wireshark project we are heavily dependent on the bundles to provide the Windows version and as its a truly cross platform application we need to be able to produce binaries for many platforms. A couple of weeks ago Dieter Verfaillie offered to provide bundles for at least win32 [1] sadly there was
no response from the core team.

I intend to continue making 2.24 binaries and bundles whenever I see a
new 2.24.X release announcement on gnome-announce-list gnome org.
Last time I checked (two minutes ago), that's 2.24.5 which you link to below.

Also, if one of those releases proves useful for PyGTK (it fixes a bug, ...), it will also be bundled into the PyGTK All In One installer. Matter of fact I'm still waiting to release a new PyGTK AIO installer revision until
hosts newer GTK+ binaries.

But I won't be doing this on github anymore (I've used up all the space I'm allowed to use), so it will move to my domain ( whenever the next release is built (even switched provider recently to be able to do this).

I know this sucks, we're heading toward even more fragmentation and I'd like to prevent receiving a "call to sanity" if at all possible. On the other hand
it's about time things start going forward on the Windows front again.

While we're at it, the request to create a gnome-windows-devel-list gnome org mailing list ( still hasn't been looked at. It's starting to get really tempting to just create something on (would take only 2 clicks) and get on with life... But
then there's the danger of a "call to sanity" ;)

So for the record, my offer still stands. Including's download page maintenance. I'd even propose to put links there to the Open Build System to
make sure people are aware of a good alternative too.



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