Re: tuning Gtk+ for embedded (was: GtkSheet)

Xavier Ordoquy <mcarkan users sourceforge net> writes:
> what about headers that includes others headers ?
> Is it enough if only c files are not compiled ?
> Wouldn't it be then possible to have some widget partialy used by
> another one messing the all thing ?
> Let's say someone wants to use gtkbutton without gtkimage ?
> What happens to the stock item in gtkbutton since it uses gtkimage ?
> No idea whether there's a lot of such pitfall.
> If there's only a few, it can be worked around.

Right, we'll need to try to break "small dependencies" when we can.

You're right that gtk.h is a problem...

I haven't really thought it through fully, so you should probably just
give it a shot and see what you can come up with.


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