tuning Gtk+ for embedded (was: GtkSheet)

> Then again, for embedded stuff developers may really want to cut out
> every single thing that they're not actually using, so they would need
> finer control over things.  In which case, the only good solutions may
> be to complicate the build system or to say, "You've got the source, do
> with it what thou wilt."

Here's what I started working on.

 * made a --enable-customize switch in configure file (turned off by
default so that build won't be affected)

 * include dependencies.h header in acconfig.h/config.h if the
enable-customize is defined, else nothing happens.

 * in the dependencies.h are two things:
   - the user defines the widget he wants to use ( this is off the
configure system and may be handled by a small UI app )
   - a set of tests completes ommited widget (like including gtkwindow
would automaticaly include gtkobject)
   - another set of test completes with the widgets to remove.

 * in each and every file add the define tests of the widget so that
   - if the widget isn't explicitly defined as to be removed, then keep
it (this is to ensure that usual build are fine)

I started working on this and may send a patch for the 3 first points
this week end. (dependencie handling will require review by other than
myself since at the moment, I simply care about mother/daughter class

Then I'll start working on integrating the define in the code.
I made sure it doesn't impact on the "usual" build but review will be


Xavier Ordoquy
 "Complexity has nothing to do with intelligence.
  Simplicity does."
             (Larry Bossidy, CEO, Allied Signal)

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