Re: GTK+-2.x planning

Adrian Feiguin <feiguin magnet fsu edu> writes: 
> In this regard, is your idea to start from scratch, or you have considered
> building on top of gtksheet? I'm currently working on its port to gtk2 and
> dozens of users are familiar with it, not mentioning the number projects
> use it. I think it's pretty mature and it has proven to be very reliable,
> efficient and stable.

I don't think we have any ideas in general, though there was some
intention to use GtkCellRenderer.

As always, the first step on a GTK feature is to collect requirements
and survey prior art and then make an argument for what the feature
should be like - see my recent "filesel notes" post for an example,
though that was only the start of the process for the filesel, I had a
"next steps" section at the end.

Once we've determined what the feature should be like, we would be
prepared to compare GtkSheet to the requirements, and see if starting
with GtkSheet makes sense.


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