Re: COUP_ bases.

Neil Booth wrote:

OK, I qualify my statement with Windows Excel.  Windows Excel seems to
get it right always.

Okay, perhaps then you could _explain_ the following answers (from Windows Excel):

COUPDAYS ("25-Oct-2019","28-Feb-2023",1,1) == 365

COUPDAYS ("22-Oct-1996","28-Feb-2002",4,1) == 92

COUPDAYS ("29-May-2015","31-Oct-2016",2,1) == 183

COUPDAYS ("29-May-2015","31-Oct-2016",4,1) == 91

COUPDAYS ("27-Apr-2013","30-Oct-2015",2,1) == 181

COUPDAYS ("27-Apr-2013","30-Oct-2015",4,1) == 89


Prof. Dr. Andreas J. Guelzow

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