Re: COUP_ bases.

Andreas J. Guelzow wrote:-

XL does not implement a function that calulcates simply the difference 
of 2 dates. THerefore there is no way to directly calculate what you are 
asking. COUPDAYBS ("28-Feb-2001","28-Feb-2002",1,0) does it indirectly 
since COUPPCD ("28-Feb-2001","28-Feb-2002",1,0) = 28-Feb-2001.

Good point.  My apologies; I was getting confused with DAYS360.  That
gives -2.  (Fun fun fun!)

Could you elaborate?  What does it do for coupdays?  There is no doubt
in my mind about what Act/Act is; and Excel in all my tests was
identical.  Gnumeric as of yesterday didn't do it.

I send you an example of 2 calculations from XL earlier and you claimed 
yourself that one didn't make sense.

OK, I qualify my statement with Windows Excel.  Windows Excel seems to
get it right always.

In your examples this
is 366.  There is no doubt about what this convention means; everyone
uses it and it couldn't be simpler.  For accrued interest, you would
therefore get 366/360 * CouponRate.

We are working on the coup _ functions. They have little to do with 
accrued interest etc.

Of course they do - what do you think they are ultimately used for?
Not just as a means of counting days for its own sake!


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