Re: COUP_ bases.

Andreas J. Guelzow wrote:-

Okay, perhaps then you could _explain_ the following answers (from 
Windows Excel):

COUPDAYS ("25-Oct-2019","28-Feb-2023",1,1) == 365

COUPDAYS ("22-Oct-1996","28-Feb-2002",4,1) == 92

COUPDAYS ("29-May-2015","31-Oct-2016",2,1) == 183

COUPDAYS ("29-May-2015","31-Oct-2016",4,1) == 91

COUPDAYS ("27-Apr-2013","30-Oct-2015",2,1) == 181

COUPDAYS ("27-Apr-2013","30-Oct-2015",4,1) == 89

They're all explained by Excel's inability to work out a coupon date.
If you can't get a coupon date right, you're kind of stuffed trying to
get anything right for bonds.

Excel's "Analysis Pak" is more broken than I originally thought; I had
the impression it was just minor nits.  Seeing as they don't get
coupon dates right, they won't get anything right.  (I have strong
reason to believe that Excel's basis 0 is actually 30/360 implemented
by someone who was confused - Excel implements the mirror image of it.
This feeling is further reinforced by the DAYS360 function, which is
also b0rken.)


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