Re: [GnomeMeeting-devel-list] Latest GM 0.99.0

Hi George,

I have made new changes, Johnny will regenerate the RPM. However, I have
few hopes that the Quicknet audio test works when used with a POTS. The
reason is that the driver (at least IXJ) really sucks and doesn't obey
to commands. It doesn't stop playing the tone for the test.

Le sam 03/01/2004 à 13:31, George a écrit :
> Hi Damien,
> With the RPM's from Johnny's site,  The 12.24.03 CVS version works fine
> with quicknet. Neither of versions 01.02 or 01.03 CVS work with
> quicknet, although they find the quicknet card OK.
> The audio level sliders do not work with any of the three versions.
> Versions 12.24, and 01.02 fail in the test druid opening /dev/dsp and
> /dev/mixer. Version 01.03 CVS does not fail during the test.
> None of the three produce sound when testing the sound events from
> preferences.
> I am using the nixj quicknet driver.
> George
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