Re: [GnomeMeeting-devel-list] Damien - GM 0.98.0 and Quicknet/Microtelco


Le ven 02/01/2004 à 13:42, George a écrit :
> Hi Damien,
> Your absolutely correct. I don't know why GM 0.98.5 didn't work when I
> first installed it. 
> I removed 0.98.0 and reinstalled GM 0.98.5, and sure enough, it worked
> fine. Then I uninstalled GM 0.98.5 and installed GM 0.99, and it also
> works with my quicknet card and microtelco.

That is a good news!

> Apparently there was something wrong somewhere in previous installations
> and all the removing and reinstalling of GM corrected the microtelco
> problem. If it's OK with you, I will let Bruce know that everything is
> OK now.

If I was you, I would wait a bit to confirm it continues to work well...
I'm currently working on improving MicroTelco support in GnomeMeeting
0.99, but with the IXJ driver and not the NIXJ one because it doesn't
work on my machine. What driver are you using?

> I didn't have enough in my microtelco account to test GM 0.99 well. I
> will add to my account and test it again. If there is a problem, I will
> let you know.
> Thank you for your help Damien. I will send you the debug message from
> GM 0.99 later today.

Thank you!

> > I think there must be a coincidence. Just have a look at the diff
> > between 0.98.0 and 0.98.5, you will see there are only a few GUI-related
> > changes. Nothing related to quicknet or to calls, so that is 100%
> > impossible.
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