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More information,

Le sam 03/01/2004 à 14:20, Damien Sandras a écrit :
> > With the RPM's from Johnny's site,  The 12.24.03 CVS version works fine
> > with quicknet. Neither of versions 01.02 or 01.03 CVS work with
> > quicknet, although they find the quicknet card OK.
> > 

Can you tell me your settings and what you exactly tested? (ring on
incoming calls, sound during druid test, sound during calls, tones, ...)
and also what output device you have selected and you are using (headset
or POTS).

The problem with NIXJ is that it is tested with ohphone only and thus
expects the same functions called at the same place in the same code to
work. However, if 12.24.03 works fine, it must be easy to find the
change that gives the problem.

> > The audio level sliders do not work with any of the three versions.
> > 

They should... Do you mean with OSS or with Quicknet?

> > Versions 12.24, and 01.02 fail in the test druid opening /dev/dsp and
> > /dev/mixer. Version 01.03 CVS does not fail during the test.
> > 

> > None of the three produce sound when testing the sound events from
> > preferences.
> >

They won't produce sound with Quicknet. They should produce sound with
OSS, except if it fails for some reason. Try to manually play them with
"play /usr/share/sounds/gnomemeeting/busytone.wav" for example and see
if it works.

> > I am using the nixj quicknet driver.
> > 
> NIXJ must be the cause of your problems as I have no problems with IXJ,
> however we need to :
> - diagnose the exact problems
> - fix them
> Have you done the audio test in the druid?
> Notice that the sound events do not work when using a Quicknet card.
> That is normal.
> Also make sure you have chosen the correct output device.

I meant "POTS or headset". Have you tried with both or only with a POTS?

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