Re: Gnome Web Plone Sprint

Murray Cumming schrieb:

Hi Murray
> Thilo, I am clearly in contact with the Plone people, and they are
> clearly promising some more information soon. Please don't confuse
> things by making them think that they must deal with more than one
> person here, answering the same questions again. Things are difficult
> enough already.

WGO is affecting all of GNOME - its not just your decision. If you stay
in contact - fine - as I have neither SVN access nor am I a Plone geek I
can not help much in the current work. If it really would depend on only
you  would really be scared. Its vital that many people care. If people
would not have spoken out thinks would not regain some speed. I
explicitly include your work, although I think your attitude is often
not very positive and helpful. At the end it should be about WGO and not
about anybodys personality. But I dont think keeping quite for two years
really helped the project to be completed. If we would have done things
differently and talked about problems publicly and more openly we would
not be in the mess that we are today, anyway. So I am not taking any of
the blame of what has happened in the past. I and many others were
detered by the conditions and the same attitude you now show again. You
could talk like you do if Plone would have been finished on GNOME 2.18
like it was promised, not now. So can we please come back to an
objective discussion?


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