Re: [wgo] i18n interface

2006/11/16, Murray Cumming <murrayc murrayc com>:

Yes, I personally think that translating URLs would be a disaster. As
well as being generally confusing it would mean that
a) The URL of translated versions of pages would change when the
translation changes, breaking the unchanging URL rule.
b) It would not be easy to guess the URL of translated versions based on
the English original.

I rather think this is essential because it should always be one URL
and one content at best. This is good for search engines. Otherwise a
search engine would have to list different content for one URL. And a
URl really should describe a UNIQUE content of a page.

about a): You do not have to change the URL if you change the
translation and you also could choose not to use text page names for
all pages. So this really gets reduced to 6-7 core pages maybe?
about b): I think there may be some few people who like to guess page
names, but I think it is not worh to design a page structure for them.

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