[wgo] i18n interface

we have 2 different text information on the web :

* web interface : all web widgets/labels will be on .po/.pot files so it
will be easy to translate and to integrate to the progress.gnome.org process

* content : here we have a lot of different options : export/import the
xml file that represents the content and translation people will do some
hacks to translate it and import again throw webdav, use the web
translation system included on linguaplone, export a pot/po files and
import po files. We know that i18n is not obligatory to be at 2.18 but
we should know the exact workflow and how to export/import now :-D

The url's will be not translated ( so no gnome.org/ca/.... and
gnome.org/es/... ) so we will have browse negotiation. On mockup I
didn't saw the option to change the language, is it correct ? We only
support browse negotiation ??


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