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On Wed, 15 Nov 2006 06:48:49 -0800, Murray Cumming <murrayc murrayc com> wrote:

We would like automatic display of the brower's requested language.

LinguaPlone does request negotiation automatically, and will send you to the correct page. I would, however, offer a pulldown with all the available languages too, since some countries have suboptimal language codes set by default, and it's quite common in countries like Norway to have your OS and browser in English, while still preferring the Norwegian translation if one is available.

(I know, this is set in your browser or OS prefs, but most users don't know how this works :)

But we would also like to be able to link to a specific translation, so
that I can write HTML such as
<p>There is even a <a href="">German

That's just an example URL syntax/pattern.

We can do that, the bigger question is whether you want to translate the actual URL fragments too. By default, LinguaPlone will do the following:

English original URL:

- http://site.tld/products/my-products

German translation:

- http://site.tld/de/produkte/meine-produkte

Language code is optional, but since you wanted it, I included it in my example. The German URL could just as easily have been:

- http://site.tld/produkte/meine-produkte

I guess my question is that we need to know if you prefer the German URL to *only* differ from the original URL by language code, like this:

- http://site.tld/de/products/my-products


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