Re: Drupal as candidate to be challenged

Quim Gil dubitò:

Still unconvinced by the division of contents translated/created.

The idea behind leaving them separate is to avoid the proliferation of,,, and others (those are from a quick google search).

Those sites ends up in $, while keeping wgo more uniform.

What are the contents specific to Italian that won't fit in the
structure of localised to Italian? -

Well, we (Italian translators group) didn't make a lot of use of entirely... :(

Other groups (see above) have found something to put.
Maybe this is a problem due to the current infrastructure: it's very likely that those sites are being run from enthusiastic users, not by the localization teams, so they were blocked by the complexity of the infrastructure (CVS, SSH, etc). With the reorganization these problem will go away, so maybe they can be "reabsorbed"... :)

Take the Contact page as an example. Are we going to translate literally
the page into Italian and then have another contact page under with the specific contacts for Italy? Italian speaking
users would prefer to have only one contact page, prioritising the
Italian contacts and then the general.

Another example: if I visit in Italian I will
possibly prefer to find something like than a literal
translation of the English version.

Those, perhaps, will be handled better by keeping all the contacts and mailing lists toghether, and render the pages differently by language.

To me, it seems that the biggest benefit from the separation is organizational for the language teams, but with a little of infrastructure putting all togheter will not be a big problem.

Complimenti per l'ottima scelta.

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