Re: sftp module cant connect to new hosts

On Wed, 2004-03-17 at 09:06, Mattias Eriksson wrote:
> ons 2004-03-17 klockan 01.42 skrev Darin Fisher:
> > I presume it's not possible to access any of the gnomeui from 
> > gnome-vfs.  If it were, you could probably get around any localization 
> > issues by just taking the string generated by ssh and putting it in a 
> > standard gnome yes/no prompt.
> I'm currently working on a solution like this, where I add a callback in
> gnome-vfs and a implementation of that callback in libgnomeui. And yes
> you could just send the message as it is, but since we also are in UI
> freeze there is no way to make 2.6. So I'll probably add a better and
> translatable message that is displayed to the user.
> Anyway, my work is kind of slow since I have limited free hacking time
> but I'll see if I have any working code this weekend. I have most code
> in place, but actually showing de dialog in gnomeui, so it should not be
> too hard I think (If not the daemon stuff starts to be mean to me...
> alex do you have any nice trick to debug the daemon? Where do I find
> it's output when I insert g_message debug lines)

Just manually start the deamon from a shell. It'll be re-used by your

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