sftp module cant connect to new hosts

Hi, I was looking at the sftp module because I had some trouble
connecting to a host. I then connected manually and realized I have
never connected to that host before so I had to accept the host-key.
When I looked at the code to fix the problem I can't find a easy way to
do it. I have looked at the callback mechanisms, but the standard
callbacks are for authentication and status from what I can see. If I
define a new callback I have to patch nautilus to handle that. 
But before I go through to much trouble I want to hear if the callback
mechanism might be used as I think for general ask-user dialogs. I guess
the pointer to the in-argument can point to a struct that contains the
message and the options, then in return in the out-argument you just get
which argument the user selected.
Another thing if I patch gnome-vfs to create a new standard callback,
where should the general code to handle this in gnome be? libgnomeui?

So is this a possible solution or am I running in the wrong direction?

//Snaggen, not on the list please cc me.

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