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On Fri, Mar 2, 2012 at 5:01 AM, Mark Blakeney <mark blakeney bullet-systems net> wrote:
Can somebody please post a reference to a discussion amongst the gnome3
developers about why they decided to only provide a suspend option on the
user menu (and hide the power off option with the alt modifier)? I would
really like to know by what rationale they came to this astonishing

Hi Mark,

The reason is that GNOME 3 is geared towards power saving and wear and tear.  Shutting down your laptop is not as good as suspend.

So when people as you, it's because suspend is a better mode than shutting down and booting up.  Since that increases wear and tear on your laptop especially drives.

Suspend lets you instantly start working again.  If suspend is not working then we need to push for the Linux eco-system to make it work.  Not making compromises forces people to actually fix the various issues and that makes Linux better.

On a Mac, I never ever think of shutting down, I just close the lid and then open up again.  Why?  Because suspend is nearly instantaneous.

One could argue that it doesn't make sense for a desktop, but honestly for myself I never shutdown my machine, it's better to go into a power saving mode.
I like and promote gnome-shell but frankly it is embarrassing to have to
apologise for this design choice to new users. It leaves an awkward first

I appreciate you evangelizing for us.  Thank you.  I hope the points I raised will help there.


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