Re: Design choice for suspend option only

> The reason is that GNOME 3 is geared towards power saving and wear and
> tear.  Shutting down your laptop is not as good as suspend.

Do you have any sources to back up the claim that suspending your
computer saves more electricity than hibernating or shuttting it down?

> So when people as you, it's because suspend is a better mode than shutting
> down and booting up.  Since that increases wear and tear on your laptop
> especially drives.

This I can imagine being true, but yet again is there anything behind
these claims more than thin air?

> Suspend lets you instantly start working again.  If suspend is not working
> then we need to push for the Linux eco-system to make it work.  Not making
> compromises forces people to actually fix the various issues and that makes
> Linux better.

Though it would be a good idea to have a blacklist of hardware on
which not to suspend, though that might be a distributors task rather
than one of Gnome even though it's in boths interest to give the user
a good experience.

> On a Mac, I never ever think of shutting down, I just close the lid and then
> open up again.  Why?  Because suspend is nearly instantaneous.
> One could argue that it doesn't make sense for a desktop, but honestly for
> myself I never shutdown my machine, it's better to go into a power saving
> mode.

Though we do have to reboot at times to get that kernel with those new
security patches running.


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