Re: My opinions on Gnome Shell

> I wouldn't "hurt", but it isn't a solution.  There is ongoing
> conversation about the right solution to this [as has been mentioned
> here several times].  Just bringing back "minimize" isn't a solution.
> And you can still just leave them in a workspace.  I always have
> Evolution, Empathy, XIRC, and some other misc crap purring away in the
> first workspace.  It isn't distracting to actual work/tasks in other
> workspaces and if I need to do e-mail etc... I just fly up to the top
> workspace.  Works great;  I really sincerely do *not* see a problem.

Why exactly is it not a solution?

> In the workspace expose minimized windows still appear.

That can be easily fixed.

> Applications would still need to cooperate with that setting to get
> sane / consistent behavior.  So you are right back to the current
> situation.

Well, fixing the .desktop files is a distribution's job, isn't it?

> Some rag-tag apps won't cooperate with whatever is decided on, that is
> for sure.  But Evolution, Empathy, Banshee, etc... all will;  I have no
> doubt.

Not really sure about Evolution...

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