Re: My opinions on Gnome Shell

On Mon, 2011-06-20 at 12:58 +0100, Simon Booth wrote:
> On 20/06/11 11:57, David Prieto wrote:
> > >There are more reasons to want particular application to be running
> > >for some time without interfering with others, I gave just one.
> > This could be a good time to tell us what those other reasons are.
> A window that is part of the current task, but not needed for a period
> of time yet you do not wish to lose your place?  Leave it cluttering the
> desktop, move to another desktop, or minimize?

It does to the back of the stack.  I don't see the problem.

> Client walks into your office whilst you have confidential information
> relating to another client on screen?


And, since I'm familiar with the regulations, if someone can walk into
an office and see the screen of the workstation used by the person who
processes HIPPA, FERPA, or PCI/CSS regulation information - you have a
regulatory violation issue.  You need to rearrange the office and
probably purchase screen filters.  This is not a DE issue.

> I knew one user who knew about Alt-Tab but just "didn't like it".  She
> would always switch between windows by minimizing all then restoring the
> one she wanted.  Granted, I hated seeing here do that, but she was
> comfortable with it.

Sorry, that is just nuts.  Ctrl-Alt-L or  Ctrl-Alt-Down + start working
with the new client.  You can Unlock or Ctrl-Alt-Up to result work on
the previous client.

> Minimize isn't the only answer in any of these cases,

It is *not* *AN* answer at all.

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