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From: David Prieto <frandavid100>

That said, I think you're bashing it as a whole just based on that one pet
peeve, and actively looking for stuff to hate. Need two steps to move the
window to another location in a different workspace? Please.

Bashing? One issue? No.

I listed quite a number of things that I genuinely believe are not helpful, starting with the fact that new and fallback mode behave in entirely different ways. The other issues are connected to overview, which in theory looks nice, but is really just another kiitchen sink thing.

Gnome 3 should have applications button on the left of the panel (which should be kept on top, like now, with an option to disappear for folks who like that) that opens dash ribbon and other app icons/menu/search below. Workspace switcher should be next to it, but it should be enhanced so that a click to current space opens a ribbon of workspaces where windows can be moved around from space to space etc. Workspaces should be static. Smart taskbar (similar to W7 or using some new ideas) could be next to that. Expose should be available on request.

All of this could be done both with and without 3D, so that things look consistent. And it would be touchscreen friendly.

So, I'm not just bashing. I think it's better to provide asked functionality when requested, instead of kitchen sink overview thing.


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