Re: Thumbs up!


Taskbar (i.e. Gnome 2) is not the only way to manage currently running
windows. See Mac OS X and Windows 7.

What are the others? Surely not alt+tab, since Gnome-shell also has that one.
Animation? I already know where my windows are. Why do I need animation
to show me where they went if they didn't move? Hint: they _did_ move.
Also note that they changed size in exposé.

When I say that it "doesn't" I mean that it "doesn't shuffle the windows" (which is the _expression_ you used later on), as in "it doesn't place them randomly on the screen".

If your problem is that it doesn't keep them in the exact same place they were, well, yes, that's the way it works. Can't see how that's a problem, though.
Please, you said it yourself: animation shows me where they went. If
they went, how can they be in the same place?

So it's not really a problem but rather you wanting to have the last word? Is it a semantics thing?
By closing their eyes, I guess :-)

Or just... you know, ignoring it. Really, I open new apps all the time and I don't even pay attention to the Overview. It's not like I go all "whoah man, what was that? did I just enter hyperspace?" everytime you launch an app.

It's not even like you have to make a conscious effort not to notice it, just... don't pay attention to it. Honestly, I'm not sure what your point is or where to go from here.
Why do I need to go to the overview to see where my apps are? I can see
them right now in Gnome 2 and I don't have to lift a finger. And that's
for all workspaces.

As I said, you don't even need to "see where your apps are" anymore.

Yes, dash. And who says dash (dock, favourites, whatever) should be at
the bottom like in OS X?

Would you put it at the top, then? You know you can actually propose things, right?
Well, if I want to go to the notifications in normal view, I need to go
to the bottom right. All other notifications are on the top right. So,
yeah, I need to walk to different places.

All notifications are at the bottom right. System icons are at the top right. Having them mixed in the old Notification Area was an old nuisance and I for one I'm glad to have lost it.

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