Re: Thumbs up!



In Gnome 2, each open app is a box on a taskbar. In Windows 7, that box
also has window representations once you get over it, so you can see
what is in each window. So, that's visually different.

Yep. These representations (which I had totally forgotten, by the way) are still tinier than Overview windows though, and they're still placed regardless of the original window's location. My point stands.
Not necessarily.

Once you reposition windows with expose, they are not easily
recognisable as the ones you are normally seeing in your original view.
That's the problem with expose - that's why you only use it when you get
in trouble with clutter.

And yet, you don't seem to have any trouble using taskbars. That's curious considering that they have the same problem, only worse.

I use the word "problem" because it's what it seems to be for you. Please bear in mind that it's no problem from where I see it.
For me to go and pick a new application to run, I have to endure the
expose, which I don't want/need to endure.

If I get into the overview and there are no overlapping windows, I still
see expose view. Which, again, I have to endure.

If I want to move my windows to another workplace by dragging, I again
have to endure expose. 

I am sorry that having to endure expose is so painful to you. I don't know what else to say, I'm afraid I can't relate.
And I don't really know where my window will end
up on another workspace, because I'll have to adjust it later.

Sorry - not true. If you open the Overview and drag a window to another workspace, it's placed in the exact same position it was before. You do know where it will end up.

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